·    Fast Acquisition of 0.3 seconds
·  Easy to Use Rectangular Heads Up Display
·   Internal self test
·  ·   Inclement Weather Mode
  ·  Sleep Mode (uses less power)
·  Back Lit LCD Screen
  ·  Narrow Beam Width 3 ft at 1000 ft
·  Auxiliary Data Output Port
·   Range Control
Rubber Bumpers to Help Protect Critical Areas
·  Internal Self Test
·  Reads in MPH
·  Easy Access Soft Touch Rear Controls
·  Power cable w/ cigarette lighter style plug
·  Brightness/Volume
·  Test/Enter

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Pro-Laser III

The Kustom Pro-Laser III handheld lidar has excellent
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Kustom Signals Inc.
Pro-Laser III
Lidar Unit

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