Golden Eagle Ka Band
Radar Unit

Kustom Signals Inc
Golden Eagle
KA Band Radar System

Golden Eagle Single Antenna

Golden Eagle Dual Antenna

Kustom’s Top of the Line Eagle Series Radar comes with:
· Dual Ka-Band Antennas
· Power cable w/ cigarette lighter style plug
· Separate Counting / Display unit.
This Unit also includes a 6 Ft Front Anenna Cable
and a 18 Ft Rear Antenna Cable.
· 3 Window display
(Target Speed, Target lock,
Patrol Speed)
· Target Speed Lock/Release
· Internal Circuit Test
· Moving/Stationary Modes
· Same/Opposite Modes
· Variable Volume Control
· Variable Range Control
· Front Panel Hold Button
· Power Button
· KA-Band Frequency
The six button, hand operated remote features:
· Target Speed Lock / Release
· Transmit / Hold
· Front / Rear Antenna Selection
· Patrol Speed Blanking
· Same/Opposite
· Fastest/Slowest
The unit performs an Internal Calibration
and Segment Test upon powering on.
This unit can easily be converted to KPH for our international customers at
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