Premium Certification  
meet IACP / NHTSA Specifications:

 NHTSA DOT HS 809-811 Lidar Certification

NHTSA DOT HS 809-812  Dopplar Radar Certification

We are a private sector lab with IACP/NHTSA approved laboratory quality test equipment as specified for DOT HS 809-811 and DOT HS 809-812 testing . *

All Premium Certifications are performed by FCC Licensed Technicians with a Radar Endorsement on the License.
Premium Certification testing must be performed in a controlled lab environment and is the same as that performed at the IACP test lab at San Diego State University and the IACP/ IPTM test lab in Florida.

Premium Certification cost for all Makes and Models is less than the rates currently charged by the IACP / NHTSA labs.

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