FCC Licensed Technicians are a Critical Difference in Court Challenges.

All Radar Certifications are not equal!

These two Radar Certification Certificates are the 
same thing - right? 

Economy Low Cost.

Fair Priced and Bulletproof.

Sometimes Saving a Few Dollar$ Can Cost a Lot!

Standard Certification
Meets Manufacturer Specifications

Arizona. Arkansas, California, Idaho, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Montana,
Oklahoma, Nebraska, Nevada, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oregon,
South Dakota, Texas, Utah,  Wyoming, Louisiana.

If you have questions, or if you would like to get your department on our Easy-Service On-Site schedule just call Deana at 1-800-337-7291  or email: deana@radars.info  


United States of America

The Radar Shop uses the most advanced technology with state of the art equipment to perform radar re-certification right in the patrol vehicle - or when the vehicle will not be
available - the unit may be removed and certification can be performed inside the department.

Needing Certification Now?

If your department is located in any of the States indicated above, you may take
advantage of our convenient on-site service just by letting us know you'd like to be on our
next scheduled service trip through your area.


Probably a Very Nice Person

FCC Licensed Technician

It will only matter when you need it the most!

Our Standard Certifications are so bulletproof  we defend them in court if necessary at no
charge to your Department.



We are the country's largest on-site radar service provider. Trusted by hundreds of Law Enforcement Departments for thousands of Certifications year after year!


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Standard Certificaion  costs vary from State to State due to the variety of expense factors involved in delivering services.  It's easy to get a quick answer to what your cost would be by contacting Deana 1-800-337-7291 or deana@radars.info

Standard Certification for All Makes and Models of Lidar / Laser will be one price.

Standard Certification for All Makes and Models of Doppler Radar including Tuning Forks and dual antenna units will be one price.


Send to:
The Radar Shop Inc.
1601 S. Grove
Wichita, KS  67211

                                                   You Can Send It To Us Too!

We accept Radars and Lidars sent to us for Standard Certification with a next day (business days) turn around time!